Product Support

Here you will find all the information you may need about every single one of Spike Systems™ products that are available. The information below pertains to product spec sheets, cut sheets, installation, and warranty. All information is available for download in pdf format. The file format is identified by the image directly to the left of it. you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the pdf. If your computer does not currently support this format, please click on this link (adobe acrobat) to download the pdf reader which is free. If you have any questions please click on our help or contact us page and a spike systems™ representative will be happy to assist you. Click on a category below to find out more info:


CS36-SM (Surface Mount) 


CS36-FM (Flush Mount) 


Plate Barrier Gate (PBG) 


Crash Barrier Gate (CBG) 


CS72-SM (Motorized Tiger Teeth) 


CS72-FM (Motorized Tiger Teeth) 


      TS-100-08 red/yellow (Traffic Lights) 


      Loop Detectors (Saw Cut) 

      Model B300-0120



        Keyless Entry 

        Gooseneck (pedestal)



        Model AVI-XVI Transponder

        Model AVI-1 Receiver


        Warning Signs, Kits and Hardware