• SITE SELECTION AND INSTALLATION for Directional Traffic Controller


By observing several common sense steps in locating and operating your traffic controller, it will give you long trouble

free operation.

  1. The controllers are designed for standard commercial traffic, 22,000 pounds per axle on low-pressure pneumatic tires, crossing at speeds of 5 mph or less.

  2. The controller should be located in a flat section of the driveway where there is a minimum possibility of surface water draining into the unit potentially causing slow operation of the teeth.

  3. Provide adequate nighttime illumination of the unit together with a clear sign warning of its presence and potential tire damage.

  4. Locate the controller away from pedestrian traffic or restrict pedestrians from the area.

  5. Locate the controller at 90 degrees to the traffic flow. If necessary place posts so that wide turns cannot be made across the teeth. Crossing the teeth at any angle other than 90 degrees can cause tire sidewall damage.

  6. Make sure the unit is not located where it is likely that a driver could back out of stall and inadvertently cross the unit.

  7. Locate the unit where the maximum speed across the controller is 5 mph. Higher speeds cause excessive wear on the teeth, springs and top plates. If necessary, speed bumps and/or signs should be installed to control the speed.

  8. Locate the unit back far enough from a busy street so that an exiting car won’t back over the teeth if traffic in the cross street won’t yield and the vehicle has to retreat.

  9. After installation make sure that the top plates are securely bolted down. Failure to adequately tighten the top plate bolts can allow the top plates to warp and eventually strip out the screws causing misalignment of the teeth.

  10. Make periodic inspections and check for debris that will accumulate in the unit. Check to be sure the drainage channel is not blocked if heavy rusting is evident. Lightly coat the springs with waterproof grease.

  11. If you have any questions concerning the site where you are considering locating a Traffic Controller, call and we will be pleased to make specific recommendations.

NOTE: Locating a Traffic Controller where traffic is crossing at an angle other than 90 degrees or where a wide turn is possible or where vehicle speed is greater than 5 mph invalidates any warranty implied or real. If you have any questions about an installation, play safe and call for our recommendations.